Christina Carter vs. Dee Williams

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Breast Battle

DT-1642HD/Time: 23 Minutes / 552 MB

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A true breast championship must have the champion; Christina Carter and a real tough big breasted challenger, we have her; Dee Williams – oh yeah, the infamous Dee, one scary blonde babe that is out to prove her chest is superior. Both display cards that their show off their busty dimensions and talk the trash that made them the legends they are — and these bountiful maidens are legends – they soon show why when their first battle is chest bumping, more like chest bombing. Back and forth their chests slam together compressing that supple chest flesh, so hard we can feel the pain and when Dee grabs the ropes to add even more power to her chest explosions Christina is forced to resort to a wicked claw that goes deep into those huge supple tits. Now Christina gains control and pinches those blonde nipples till Dee screams in pain, now time to use her breasts as real weapons, she batters the sweet blonde with breasts to the face then finishes her off with a suffocating breast smother. One fall down and Dee is furious, now it’s her turn to show how lethal her chest can be as she bashes Christina with her chest weapons, to Christina’s breasts then to her face, then with her hands she digs into that supple chest flesh and now it’s her turn to drop her large breasts on Christina’s pretty face and batter the face, then finally plant them firmly over the face for a smother that puts her out. It’s tied and we aren’t even half way through so you know what you are in for, yes this is a true breast championship with momentum going each way and every possible great attack, from squishing bear hugs to ropes that are used to compress large breasts to their splitting point. Who won… you got to see this one, it’s a breast battle for the best of the big beautiful breasted babes and you gotta see it !!!!!!