Niki Meow vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing Match

DT-1645HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 475 MB

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You met her in 1629 with Christina, Niki Meow and she is back to show off her boxing chops, yes the busty blonde picked Milana Ricci to be her first victim and I think she chose her because Milana is so much smaller but she doesn’t know how feisty Milana is. The topless pugilists meet in the center of the ring and we soon find out how hard Niki can punch, she has little Milana reeling as punch after punch finds a home on that beautiful firm body, head shots that snap her head around, gut shots that sink deep in those rock hard abs and that low blow sends poor Milana to the canvas – once up another head shot staggers her. Oh Milana, just stay down quit taking such punishment, finally they get a corner break and a drink – Niki is on fire and Milana is her fuel. Back at it and more devastating beatdowns – Niki so cocky, too cocky — Milana gets in a shot, a hard one. Now it’s Milana’s turn to dish out some punishment to the big blonde, hitting hard enough to make those titties shake and there is one low blow that knocks the… I don’t know what it is, white liquid spews from our blonde, it’s bizarre. Both babes have had a turn at beating and being beaten so which one lasts, which one walks out and which one lies whimpering. These are devastating blows delivered by babes that can throw a punch but even more impressive is how much they can take – real boxing beatdowns!!!!!!