Cassie Del Isla vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match w/ Oil

DT-1648HD/Time: 33 Minutes / 781 MB

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Everyone wants to get their hands on Cassie Del Isla and Skylar Rene is no exception especially when Skylar finds out Cassie has been fooling around with her husband. Now we all know how tough Skylar is so getting her angry is never a good idea. A topless Skylar bursts in the room and soon has Cassie in a crushing head vise and this is just the beginning, she strips Cassie down to her skimpy g-string and applies one destructive hold after another: body scissor, head scissor, dog walk, pony ride, standing head scissor, reverse head scissor, match book pull and a few that I don’t know what they are. That fabulous body gets quite a work over and Cassie is done – BUT Skylar is by no means done as to the ring she drags her victim and then makes her oil that voluptuous brown figure as she does the same to her splendid muscular body and then back to work. More amazing holds on the shinny one: grapevine, choke and scissor, camel clutch, body scissors, school girl pin, and about ten others ending with a couple of suffocating face sits and foot smothers, now Cassie can take a lot but this is too much for anyone – luckily that body is not only gorgeous but very flexible and we are privileged to see the sexy one from every tantalizing angle. Cassie will never forget this match and neither will you !!!!!!