Miranda vs. Skylar Rene


DT-1653HD/Time: 25 Minutes / 601 MB

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Skylar Rene is a super heroine on a secret mission. She is infiltrating the base of a notorious super villain played by Miranda. However, before Skylar can get to Miranda, she has to take down multiple foot soldier clones of Miranda. Skylar sneaks through the warehouse and dispatches each of these clones in a systematic extermination of the Asian clones. Each clone is eliminated in a unique and fun way. For example, Skylar sneaks up behind a clone relaxing on the couch and talking on her phone when she should be working, Skylar pops up from behind the couch and pushes a cushion over the clone’s face until she stops squirming. Eventually, Skylar has taken out all of the soldier clones, and the evil mastermind, Miranda, is worried when she can’t contact any of her henchwomen. Just when she realizes that there is foul play going on, Skylar emerges and knocks out Miranda. When Miranda wakes up, she is tied to a chair. Skylar explains that Miranda “must hand over the code” and then proceeds to suffocate Miranda until she passes out. Skylar happily continues to torture Miranda for a while until it starts to become clear that Skylar isn’t the good guy that we think she is. Check this video out if you are interested in watching the beautiful and young Miranda get tortured and suffocated for as long as Skylar Rene feels like it.