Misty Stone vs. London River

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1664HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 450 MB

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London River has been trying to get Misty Stone to fight her for a while, but Misty refuses to face her in a street fight because she says that London has been trying to use her gang of friends to jump her in parking lots. Misty schedules a ring for them to have a private one on one fight so that the fight is fair. London denies the allegations and jumps at the chance to fight her accuser. When the bell rings, Misty grabs London and flips her around into a reverse bear hug. Misty drops London and immediately applies a bow and arrow. It becomes obvious that Misty is much stronger than London. She dominates and controls London, ties her hands together, and pulls her leggings down so she can squeeze and slap London’s fat ass. Misty puts her immature opponent in a figure four leg lock and makes London cry for help. Misty is having the time of her life punishing her bully, but she goes even further by removing London’s top and showing the world London’s big jiggling boobs. When Misty has finished demolishing the poor blonde loser, she ties London’s hands behind her back and writes all over her body with lipstick. Get ready for a video packed with tons of domination by a hot ebony queen over a pathetic thick blonde goddess.