Miranda, Kimora Quin, Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Domination Match (One Model Topless)

DT-1654HD/Time: 28 Minutes / 692 MB

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Miranda and Kimora Quin are two of the most beautiful Asian ladies to ever grace a canvas, so having them together is a real treat, too bad they realize they are dating the same guy, it gets much worse when Karlie Montana shows up and eggs them on, she literally pushes them into a fight… well almost because before they actually get there she throws on an amazing bear hug that includes both beauties — yes that’s right, she bear hugs both of them at the same time and when the big beauty is finished, they collapse and are now at her mercy. See Karlie has also been seeing this guy and now that she has her two rivals at her mercy, she proceeds to show them NO MERCY. Miranda is put in the most extreme match book with her gorgeous legs pulled up by her face and her firm buttocks pointing to the sky, she is choked by the merciless one. Then she moves to Kimora who is face down, she pulls her head as far back as possible then holds her sweet face with her feet as she mauls her cheeks, then chokes her on the middle rope and in the corner with her foot in her neck, stretching and choking that amazing figure and if that wasn’t enough she takes her top off and does a corner face sit on this Asian treat. All this and we aren’t even a third way in, so many holds of torment she has in store for her rivals; Miranda is draped over her shoulders for a killer back breaker and both are trapped in the corners for hard gut blows with fists and kicks. So much more, Karlie just can’t quit, even when her foes are rag dolls she continues to play with them. Has she no mercy — NO !!!!!!