Kimora Quin VS. Alexia Anders

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Strength Challenge Match

DT-1647HD/Time: 18 Minutes / 447 MB

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Oh my, are you ready for two of the most beautiful young Asians that we have ever seen; Kimora Quin and Alexia Anders — brown all natural bodies that are absolutely stunning. Both beauties are sitting on the couch talking to the camera man and both think they are tougher than their young rival. Finally a challenge is made, a strength challenge and their first contest is bearhugs. They stand and oh my the difference is so striking, Kimora is that rare Asian who is tall, so tall she towers over the petite Alexia. This first challenge, bearhugs and of course to do these right they have to take their tops off, soon they are hugging but Kimora’s chest drops on top of Alex’s and we are joyed by this sexual view. Squeeze – squeeze harder, then to the floor for a leg strength contest – feet connect and push for control as we get a view from atop, looking down on their shapely tan legs, back and forth their thighs strain. Next we have thigh strength with both neck and body scissors, each strain’s her sleek legs to constrict her foe as back and forth they go. Soon Kimora’s power shows itself and she starts to dominate her smaller rival and after several destructive challenges she decides to dominate fully, ending with some wild show of control, dog walking and body worship. Getting to see these two together is an amazing treat — two super gorgeous ladies that you will see in your dreams – if you are lucky !!!!!!