Stylist Spat: You Are The Root Of My Problem. Bad Hair Day PT. 2


Serene Siren vs. Christine Dupree

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Bloody Catfight Match

DT-1665HD/Time: 23 Minutes / 558 MB

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1656 was the beginning episode with these two hairstylists and we see how serious they take their profession. When these two wield hairbrushes it’s not just to brush hair or at least not the hair on their head but on their pussies and they do a lot more than brush hair down there. These ladies are already so battered and bruised from their wild fight, it’s a wonder they can go on but on they go and maintain the sadistic destruction. In the corner of the bedroom they take turns with slamming gut blows that shake their whole bodies. Then to the bed for a 69 biting fray where they get so engrossed they rip their skippy bikinis off then roll from side to side as they maneuver to be able to wield the most destructive blows. More bruises, more scratches, more blood – how can they endure the pain. Again off the bed as they jump on their backs and reach around to maul breasts then back to the bed to cause enough pain that we have a winner, a very long mutual pussy grab will decide this battle – they both hold and squeeze, harder and harder, roll and hold, scream and hold till finally one can take no more and lies whimpering on the bed. Now that’s a bad hair day !!!!!!