Christina Carter vs. Aubrey Black

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Bedroom Match

DT-1673HD/Time: 21 Minutes / 506 MB

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Aubrey Black is lying in bed wearing a black mesh lingerie one piece and she is waiting for her lover. However, she is rudely surprised by Christina Carter who is wearing some eerily similar lingerie, except it is a two piece. Christina has been hooking up with the same man as Aubrey, and today she is here to fight Aubrey for their man. Aubrey is shocked and demands Christina “get out!” Christina just laughs and grabs Aubrey with both hands as she throws her back onto the bed. Christina rips Aubrey’s one piece off in a matter of seconds. Aubrey’s breasts are big and beautiful. This sends Aubrey into a new gear. She lunges at Christina, knocking her onto her back. Aubrey bites Christina’s neck as she pulls off Christina’s tiny black bikini. Now the women are nude and make it a priority to attack each other’s crotches. They grab and rip and slap at one another, each time yelping louder and louder. Their completely nude bodies intertwine and squish together as they try to alternately pinch and bite one another’s tits and private parts. This fight is so wild that it genuinely ends with both women completely exhausted and passed out, nude, on top of each other in the bed.