Agatha Delicious vs. Sarah Brook

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Bloody Catfight Match

DT-1676HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 555 MB

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Agatha Delicious and Sarah Brook are on opposite ends of the political spectrum – they carry this to extremes as we saw from the first episode, 1661 where they end up together after having battled in the streets. Once they are alone they really let the hate out to play – the blood flowed and now in this episode we get even more blood and bruises as they battle with all the energy have left. Their teeth become primary weapons as they go to a 69 bitting position that fills the room with screams of pain. Then head to head they sprawl their beautiful red stained bodies on the floor and pull hair as they roll across the floor, such a sight, then they rise for even more savage hair pulling that ends with more clawing of breasts and pussies. One even tries to use a tray to batter her foe as they start to tire but the hate drives them on. A final long sustained crotch battle is the only way they can settle this so nails now sink into their tender centers as they strain to finish this bloody battle. Faces and eyes are also gouged as they cling to aching pussies till finally one can take no more — we have a victor but both have been destroyed, the winner is barely able to walk and the loser won’t be walking for quite awhile!!!!!!