Dee vs. Goldie

Topless Apt. Catfight Match

31 Minutes – Standard Download

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Two of the fiercest fighters we have, they want the same man, so only one way to settle this – battle. Dee Williams and Goldie Blair, just putting them in the same room is trouble and trouble is just what they want because they both want the same man – yes again a man is at the core of all this anger. Face to face they square off but neither will back down, so off come the clothes till only panties and heels are left. Soon their huge mammaries are smashed together in a bear hug till Goldie pulls away and smacks Dee hard across the face only to have Dee retaliate with her own head spinning smack. On the floor they roll, each taking the top position and always going after their chest flesh, their fingers dig deep and I do mean deep, amazing as Dee mounts her foe and Goldie makes Dee’s breasts ripple and pucker with her fingers that sink so deep. They each take turns controlling and mauling breasts till one subdues her foe and does a long muscle pose but finished we are not — by no means, no these ladies go on for so much longer with savage tit attacks as they go wild on each other. These two are so tough they just won’t quit, so we are treated to – one hell of a video !!!!!!


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