Lana vs. Ember

Nude Ring Catfight Match

21 Minutes – Standard Download

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Lana Violet and Ember Snow are easily two of the cutest little Asians we have ever had at DT and today they are facing off in some adorable plaid skirts. The video starts and they are already topless. Their perky natural tits are perfect little handfuls, but the girls instead target each other’s crotch with some nasty front wedgies. The women face off, each one gripping the other’s tiny thong and yanking upwards violently. Ember puts Lana in a chicken wing and flips her around, bending her over the top rope. With her free hand, Ember grabs the top of Lana’s g-string and wedgies her sweet little ass, making it jiggle and clench. Lana stomps the floor in her high heels before falling backwards onto the mat. The girls spend lots of time school girl pinning each other before finally removing their skirts and panties. The winner of the match gets to put her panties back on while the loser is left completely nude in the center of the ring, crying for help. If you are in the mood for some sweet Pacific Island looking nubiles, then you have come to the right place.


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