Erika vs. Christina

Topless Ring Wrestling Match

24 Minutes – Standard Download


Erika Jordan is a German immigrant just trying to make a name for herself in America. She walks into the DT studio off of the street and asks if she can fight there. However, her accent is so thick that Christina Carter laughs in her face and struggles to understand her. Once she realizes that Erika wants to fight for the oldest and most prestigious women’s fighting league in the world, she laughs even harder. Erika is not deterred; she offers to fight the taller and more powerful Christina right now. Christina is tickled by the idea and leads Erika to the ring. The women stand in their respective corners, topless, waiting for the bell to ring. Christina takes this time to lay out some unique rules for each round of their fight. For example, in the first round, each woman will take turns punching the other in the stomach 5 times until one of them quits. And if that isn’t hot enough, after each round the women spray themselves down with water to cool off. If you want a match that has a little bit of everything: boxing, wrestling, and sexy brunettes, then this is the video for you.


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