Alexia vs. Kimora

Topless Oil Domination Wrestling Match

23 Minutes – Standard Download

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Two sparkling gems, that’s exactly what we have in this fun video with two tan Asians: Kimora Quin and Alexia Anders. They start out topless with only panties and then comes the sparkle as they spray each other with oil and rub it in – trust me these two will dazzle you as they shimmer. Time for the wrestling and the bigger more experienced Kimora takes over, she woman-handles the petit Asian but nobody is more beautiful being dominated than Alexia. Kimora slides into a waist scissor that turns into a figure four choke that sends Alexia into submission mode. Next the statuesque Kimora mounts her victim in a school girl pin that allows her to play with those sweet tits, then she lies down on that sleek body and rubs her amazing breasts all over Alexia, especially in her face. From one hold to another Kim dominates and so enjoys playing with her beautiful rag doll, my favorite, when she thrusts Alexia’s alluring ass to the camera and proceeds to spank and rub those shimmering brown cheeks. Kimora only stops her destruction to spray more oil on both bodies and again they sparkle – just in time for many more dominant holds. They will light up your life — they are sparkling gems !!!!!!


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