Mai Mao vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT-1684HD/Time: 45 Minutes / 1.05G

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Christina Carter is a famous dominatrix in the BDSM world. She is being interviewed by our cameras when she starts telling us about some wimpy sub that paid her to embarrass him yesterday. She is laughing about what a loser he is and then explains how she filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to the internet so the whole world can see what an embarrassment he is. As she is telling this story, Mai Mao, the loser sub’s wife barges through the door, pissed that Christina took their money and then publicly shamed them. Christina cannot take the smaller woman too seriously. She shows Mai how she is a more powerful woman with bigger breasts by dropping Mai to the floor and school girl pinning her. Christina is topless, while Mai is wearing a cute little sun dress. Christina manhandles Mai and removes her dress, leaving her also topless as she wraps up her victim like a pretzel. Christina embarrasses Mai and puts her bare tits on display for all of the DT fans just like she embarrassed Mai’s husband the day before. This is a very hot video featuring the powerful Christina Carter completely owning this poor couple.