Tylene Buck vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1686HD/Time: 24 Minutes / 580 MB

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Tylene Buck and Christina Carter, both want the same man so they meet in the ring to settle this love dispute. Face to face they work each other over with words, closer and closer they get, their breasts smash together but still they spew verbal aggression. They inspect each other even to the point of smelling the arm pits of their foe — then seeing how this bitch kisses as they lock lips and compare. Time to move the aggression up a notch as they intertwine fingers and ram chests together – time to find out who has the better breasts as they rub them together throwing that breast flesh from nipple to flesh and back again. This isn’t enough so they smash them together, harder and harder they ram their chests together , their hands now high overhead, they pull hard so their tits can meet with force. They just won’t stop till finally one throws the other to the canvas where she drops her heavy chest on her foe but not for long as the girl on bottom is soon on top – her turn to smash her chest into her foe, over and over they roll – cat balling from one side of the ring to the other each taking her turn on top to rub and compress tits, of course they work in some underarm smells as well. When they finally stand they are still compelled to compress breasts so it’s bear hug time, nice and tight they squeeze smashing those large mammaries together. And still there is more…. Two classic grapplers give us one classic match !!!!!!