Lora Cross vs. Erika Jordan

Bikini Ring Wrestling

31 Min – 735 MB – High Definition

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Lora Cross is a new fighter on the DT roster and boy are we lucky to have her. She has a tight body with long powerful limbs. Today the blonde badass is wearing a wife-beater cut into a midriff and a black thong. She is waiting for her opponent, Erika Jordan. Erika finally shows up and gives Lora a long up and down glare. Apparently, Erika has been talking shit about the new girl, but she seems a little bit less likely to voice those opinions now that she sees how dangerous this new girl looks. Lora has a short fuse and can’t wait to punish Erika for calling her a “pussy.” The bell rings and Lora marches toward Erika and forward kicks right into Erika’s midsection, doubling her over. Some nasty kicks to the crotch show Erika that maybe she should have been a more careful with her words. Lora seems to have this match in the bag until she pulls Erika out of the turnbuckle and challenges her to a test of strength. Erika manages to regain some of her power and turns the tables on Lora. A closeup reveals Lora’s eyes rolling into the back of her head as her fingers are nearly broken off her hand. The loser gets tied up and beaten like a pinata, a sexy, moaning pinata. You are sure to enjoy this down and dirty catfight.


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