Celeste Star vs. Cassie Del Isla

Topless Hitting Match

31 Min – 744 MB – High Definition

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Cassie Del Isla needs someone to fight but no girls are stepping up so she goes to management to complain and they promise to find her an opponent.  The great Celeste Star is back and looking for anyone who wants to fight so when she hears this French lady is looking to fight anyone, she is eager to oblige.  They meet in the waiting room, Celeste is topless and says they should only fight with free breasts, Cassie agrees and they plan to meet the next day at the ring.  At the ring topless they both trash talk till they decide to oil each other up, so sexy watching these gorgeous bodies glowing from their oily touch.  They decide the loser is the one who can’t continue AND Celeste adds that the loser will get stripped because she wants a good look at Cassie’s beautiful ass but Cassie has other ideas as she hits Celeste with a secret punch that has her taking over with solid gut and head shots from one end of the ring to the other.  Poor Celeste is down and barely able to move but she won’t quit, not this veteran, no she wants her revenge.  This is a long and brutal battle with hits galore and views from both inside and outside of the ring – between two beautiful battlers and one gets to rub a fabulous ass.  Two of the best, the veteran and the new star — a Star meets a star !!!!!!


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