Erika Jordan vs. Sarah Brooke

Nude Office Catfight

20 Min – 495 MB – High Definition

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Sarah Brooke is a young professional career woman. She enters the conference room with one goal in mind, to leave as a partner in the company. Her boss, Buck, has promised her the position and supposedly today is the day she will get the offer. However, when she enters the conference room it is empty. She confidently takes a seat as she waits for Buck, but her dream turns into a nightmare when Erika Jordan enters the room claiming that she too has been promised the same position Sarah has coveted for so long. The happy demeanor of both women quickly sours and inevitably they take their frustration out on each other. Small insults become big ones until they are circling one another like sharks. The tension breaks when both women grab each other by the hair. Sarah rips Erika’s blue silk blouse off and wraps it around her face so she can’t see. These professional young ladies fight for a little while in their black bras and tight black pencil skirts, but it isn’t long before their sharp fingernails yank their expensive bras off as well, revealing Erika and Sarah’s perfectly perky and plump breasts. However, not even those fancy skirts are safe from these feisty coworkers because they are determined to get completely nude and fight as dirty as possible. This is one hell of a nude catfight that any female fighting fan will find enthralling.


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