Kimora Quin vs. Miranda

Topless Ring Catfight

20 Min – 489 MB – High Definition

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Kimora Quin and Miranda are featured in today’s match and boy are we lucky because these are the two hottest Asian fighters in female wrestling. They agree to a best two out of three knock out match. The women march towards each other and the much taller Kimora quickly puts Miranda in a bulldog headlock. Their long straight hair hangs down in front of them both until Kimora releases the hold and lets Miranda fall to the mat. Kimora circles her unconscious foe before kneeling down to officially knock out Miranda, but before she can finish the first fall, Miranda grabs Kimora’s ankle. Kimora falls backwards and Miranda is on the lanky fighter in an instant. This match is one hell of a wild ride, the fighters rebound and give up major momentum multiple times and the constant barrage of creative and painful wrestling holds make this one of the more entertaining matches we’ve seen in a while. If you would like to watch some hot Asian girls with bubbly personalities beat the crap out of each other in a roller coaster of a cat fight, then this match has everything you could want.


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