Lora Cross vs. Serene Siren

Nude Catfight

25 Min – 618 MB – High Definition

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Lora Cross and Serene Siren are football cheerleaders for opposite teams. They have been picked to fight each other and represent their respective team the Saturday night before their teams face off. Both women are eager to fight for their team. We get to watch as each girl gets ready for the battle by getting into their tiny bikinis inspired by the team they cheer for. Lora Cross has an itsy-bitsy blue g-string on and a crop top that barely covers her natural tits. Serene Siren is wearing a bright orange bikini with strips of fabric missing in the places that would normally cover her nipples and crotch, so we get a glorious peak at her perky breasts and groin. Lora is new to DT, but she must not be new to fighting because she knows how to throw down. They finally meet face to face and are champing at the bit to get down to business. They rip off their cute little cheerleader outfits and these beautiful athletes begin a violent tit fight, slamming their breasts together at breakneck speed. Lora is truly one for the ages, she reaches orgasmic levels of delight as she beats Serene into unconsciousness. However, this video has a surprise ending and you will have to catch part 2 to find out how it ends.


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