London River vs. Erika Jordan & Christine Dupree

Ring Domination

19 Min – 466 MB – High Definition

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Bigger, smaller, younger, older, blonde, brunette – veterans all but most of all domination, and what is the best way to dominate —— to outnumber.  That’s just what we have here when London River shows up for a fight with Erika Jordan but she has Christine Dupree waiting with her to take on the big blonde.  Well, London is having none of this, she rushes for the exit but Christine catches her and gets her in a full nelson that allows Erika to smack her hard in the face, then she pounds that beautiful body with lots of slugs to the belly.  This is just the beginning of a destructive beatdown, to the floor she is thrown as one holds her down while the other jumps on top of her, both feet come thundering down on this fabulous figure jumping on her belly then using one foot to choke her.  Now it’s Erika’s turn to hold while Christine shows how well she can slug, back and forth, over and over they double team this poor blonde and in so many great position: entwined in the ropes, as she crawls, flat on her back, curled up in the corner – so many ways they stretch that blonde body just so they can pound every inch of her — the ultimate in domination when two destroy one !!!!!!


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