Selene Siren vs. Kimora Quin 

Topless Ring Fetish Fantasy

23 Min – 560 MB – High Definition

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Serene Siren and Kimora Quin are fighting today. These women are gorgeous creatures. Kimora has long legs and tan skin, while Serene has long blonde hair and perky, full tits. The bell rings and Kimora seems ready for the fight, but when we pan to Serene, she seems out of it. The room starts to spin for little Ms. Siren and she quickly falls into what seems to be a dream state. What we see next is Serene’s kinky imagined scenario, complete with BDSM. Kimora takes control of the fight, manipulating Serene’s body in a sexually dominating fantasy. Kimora bends Serene’s sleek torso backwards and then sucks on her pink nipples. She knocks her out and when Serene wakes up she is locked in a metal rack as Kimora toys with and pleasures her body. The fantasy ends and Serene wakes up from her day dream. It is Kimora’s turn now, the room spins and Kimora finds herself in a dreamworld of alternating torture and pleasure at the hands of the beautiful Serene Siren. This is a new kind of creative and kinky video that is sure to get any female fighting fan happy.


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