Celste Start vs. Milana Ricci 

Bikini Prostyle Domination Ring Wrestling

21 Min – 498 MB – High Definition

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Celeste Star is dressed in a tiny black bikini with thigh high black stockings, a very fetching outfit – in her corner she stares at her opponent and scoffs at how small she is.  This opponent is non other than the beautiful Milana Ricci garbed in neon yellow bikini and calf high stockings.  After some trash talking the fight begins with a test of strength and while Celeste seems to be in control she can’t finish the spunky Milana, back and forth they stretch their sexy figures till finally Celsete lets go and uses a headlock to get the petit one down but not for long as the quickness of Milana soon has Celest pinned, unfortunately for her Celeste’s strength is too much and she throws Milana off and right into a body stretching bow and arrow that shows off that striking ultra firm little figure.  Again wild Milana breaks out only to be put a series of killer holds: chokes, stretches, body scissors and many more.  A long face sit, where Celeste tortures her with tickles under her arms and sucks on her belly, then when she mounts her back she goes for those graceful feat, stroking and licking that drives Milana crazy.  Oh don’t think our spunky Ukrainian doesn’t get her holds on, she just doesn’t have the strength to maintain.  That final figure four is a real delight, Celsete has so much fun with those shapely legs and then to the feet for some final sensual pain and pleasure.  Great wrestling with two of the most entertaining beauties in the business !!!!!!


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