Christina Carter vs. Madi Laine

Topless Apartment Domination

43 Min – 1.04 GB – High Definition

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A topless Christina Carter is bored and no one around to fight when the camera man lets her know there is a really cute Asian in the dressing room.  Soon Christina is back there with  Madi Laine, our new beauty wants nothing to do with Christina but the powerful one takes our newbie by the hair and drags her to the front where she proceeds to insult her until Madi agrees to a tit contest.  Down comes Madi’s top and out come her beautiful natural breasts, slam bam, the breasts collide and we are off, now while Madi’s breasts are very cute they are dwarfed by Christina’s massive chest and even though Madi holds hers up the collisions are one-sided, but seeing the compression in that bear hug makes it a joy for us.  Christina rams her against the wall and Madi’s tits can take no more but that doesn’t stop our squisher as to the couch she throws her for a full on body splash where tits are really smashed.  Oh and it doesn’t stop with just those luscious tits, no she goes for the whole body, she lies on Madi both front and back, she sits on her the drops her whole weight many times on our gorgeous Asian.  Then to the floor for those sexy stretching holds, she pulls those sleek brown legs up behind her head, puts her in different scissors, then makes her worship her feet and we are only half way through as she still has to take her to the bedroom for so much more body to body squishing, on the bed in every way she compresses our sweet Madi.  This is whooper, over forty minutes of domination delight – Christina is really in her element and Madi is stunning –  if you have never seen a domination squish match before— THIS IS THE ONE !!!!!!


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