Cassie Del Isla vs. Erika Jordan

Nude Office Catfight

20 Min – 478 MB – High Definition

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Cassie Del Isla is up for a big promotion and it looks like she is going to get it, as long as she can get rid of her only other serious competition, Erika Jordan. These two busty young ladies are aggressive and ready to fight for what is theirs. Cassie and Erika face off in their sexy little business outfits. They stick their chests out and start shoving each other like moody teenagers, but when they remove their pencil skirts and tops it is plain to see that they are fully developed women with plump asses, tiny waists, and big perky tits. Before they even get their hands on each other Erika pulls out a spray bottle and wets both of their shapely bodies and removes their underwear so they can fight in the nude. Erika quickly bites Cassie’s bare crotch, Cassie returns the favor. You have never heard screaming until you have heard two violent and driven women taking turns biting each other on their naked groins. So if you are in the mood to watch Cassie and Erika get completely nude and wet as they bite one another over and over again, then today is your lucky day.


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