Fight Babe Robin vs. Hollywood
Pro-style Ring Wrestling Match

30 Min – 706 MB – High Definition

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The pros, not just pros – these two are classics: Fight Babe Robin and Hollywood.  Both these amazing ladies have been in a wrestling ring for longer than they care to remember and both of them are still as beautiful as they are skilled – so get ready because we are in the presence of royalty.  Now if you haven’t seen either of these babes before get ready for a smorgasbord of wrestling holds as each knows how to get in and out of wild holds.  They start with a long lock up then Hollywood takes control as on the canvas they go, Hollywood uses Robin’s own arms to choke her both front and back and this choke allows Holly the ability to apply a multitude of swank holds – from a stretching cradle to a reverse scissors and choke combo with some killer gut slugs in between.  Next we have an amazing reverse figure four leg lock and choke combo – you got to see this one, and we are just beginning.  Finally Robin gets her turn and corners Hollywood for some gut bombs of her own but her control is short lived as she soon finds herself stretched over the top rope, how can her body stretch so far – wow.  Robin gets in some great holds but are the chokes and blows too much for her, how do both of these ladies keep going for over thirty minutes of chokes, stretches and all out destruction.  Get ready, it’s a thing of beauty – watching two super pros in action !!!!!!


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