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Match 1Lia Labowe is the current DT boxing champ. Ariel X is not just the challenger, she is the most marvelous physical specimen to ever put on Double Trouble boxing gloves. When Ariel isn’t stomping ass in the squared circle she trains for body building competitions (100% true). The two dames spar for a few minutes until Ariel lands a couple devastating blows that send Lia to the canvass. Lia comes up with a new plan: the best wrestler wins the match. Ariel’s confidence forces her to accept the new terms. Boy, is that good news for us! The two combatants take part in an epic grappling match. Honestly, Ariel and Lia roll and reverse each other until they’re blue in the face.

Match 2Celeste Star and Nikki Lee Young, were there ever two spunkier wrestlers, no, and putting them together can only mean fireworks and great fun. These two sleek beauties start out topless and mouths a blazin’, yes not just physically wild but mouths and attitudes to hot to handle. The blonde and the brunette get right to it, but this is no cat fight, no this is a submission match with specific rules; the first girl with four submissions wins and there is a time limit. The winner gets the cover on the next fitness magazines and since Nikki won last year if it’s a tie she gets it again, they both want this so bad we can hardly hold them back. A quick hard gut slug gets one beauty in control and after an excruciating body scissors we have our first submission and that leads right into a killer arm bar, we can see the pain outlined on the face of the poor girl receiving this torture. Each lady gets in destructive holds, and each of these tough girls endures as much as she can but eventually no one can take the pain, leg stretches, figure four and ab stretches are all used. Finally we have a winner and boy does she make her foe suffer – two super spunky girls seeing who can take the most pain, who will submit first – so much fun to watch !!!!!!

Match 3Susie Johnson wants a rematch with Hollywood and the sleek one is here to oblige her, yes the tall blonde is happy to kick Susie’s ass again. Bounding in the ring we see how anxious Susie is and Hollywood realizes this when the platinum beauty attacks her before she is ready, grabbing her hair she hurls Hollywood literally across the ring. We are off on one ass kicking battle, Susie has always been known to be one tough and skilled grappler but some days you just shouldn’t get out of bed, because when Hollywood gets lose she lets lose a torrent of destruction, in the corner she throws her foe and beats her gut, then flips her hard to the canvas, she match books the poor blonde twice and puts on all kinds of holds we don’t even have names for, yes, Hollywood is in rare form as she inflicts her will and pain, lots of great chokes and leg holds. Watching two of the best do what they do best is a real treat – this is blonde destruction at it’s ultimate !!!!!!


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