Rebecca vs. Alexis
Nude Ring Catfight Wrestling Match

19 Min – 461 MB – High Definition

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How do we do it, I mean getting another gorgeous lady who is wild and loves to wrestle – is there an endless supply striking wild beauties – maybe.  Her name is Rebecca Linares and she is one hot, wild blonde Spanish babe.  So we thought it best to hook her up with another hot blonde, the new and very popular Alexis Malone, two wild blondes in a crazy nude catfight with a little wrestling thrown in.  They both talk the trash, and when they connect it’s electric, with wedgies, breast gouging and pussy pinching.  The heels stay on making their great asses rise to the occasion as they roll across the ring, eventually the panties come off but those thigh high stocking and heels stay one, pussies are now the main target but with these two everything goes.  These are two of the hottest blondes you will ever find and we have them together, in the corners they trap each other and work over their perky nipples, then down to the pussies – the energy is as high as we have ever seen it.  You have got to see this new babe – she is as hot as they come and she so loves to get it on in the ring, Alexis had all she could do to keep up with her and Alexis is becoming one of our best.  So if you want to see the future, get ready because she is one hot Spanish babe and her name is Rebecca Linares !!!!!!


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