Zerella vs. Kianna
Topless  Squish Match (w/ feet themes)

29 Min – 710 MB – High Definition

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Zerella Skies has some very beautiful feet. She is young and her pretty caramel skin contrasts wonderfully with her white nail polish. She slowly pulls her dainty feet out of her sandals and plays with her toes for the camera. She giggles as she quickly follows the camera man’s directions. Kianna Dior enters the room wearing nothing but a black thong. Her massive boobs point at the young Zerella accusatorially. Kianna says that Zerella has been giving her husband “foot massages.” Zerella shamelessly admits her misdeeds, which Kianna does not take well. She jumps on the young lady and smashes her petite figure. Zerella cries out as Kianna drops her big knockers on her helpless foe. Kianna puts Zerella through all different kinds of attacks in this video. Kianna sits on her, scissors her, smothers her, crushes her head, and even has a toe fight with Zerella. Kianna uses her powerful feet to grab and stomp on Zerella’s dainty feet. Kianna undresses Zerella and leaves her passed out, tongue out on the floor after a brutal beating. I think it is safe to say that Zerella will not be fooling around with Kianna’s man anytime in the near future.


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