Cali vs. Erika
Topless Match

19 Min – 458 MB – High Definition

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Cali Logan and Erika Jordan are both smoking hot brunettes wearing skimpy little school girl uniforms. The bell rings and they stomp towards each other before locking up in a test of strength. Erika puts Cali in a bulldog choke and then drags her to the ropes where she rakes Cali’s pretty eyes along the top rope. When she releases her, Cali is holding her eyes and crying out that she can’t see. Erika laughs at this possible medical emergency and launches the handicapped Cali into the turnbuckle. Erika then removes Cali’s top, revealing one of the best pairs of tits on the DT roster. This sudden lack of clothing seems to revive Cali, who Sparta kicks Erika in the chest and takes control of the match. She sits on Erika’s lower back in a brutal camel clutch as she mocks the weepy one time champion. Cali makes sure to even the score by yanking off Erika’s top, showing us all those pretty titties. Are you in the mood to watch two gorgeous ladies fight each other while wearing nothing but school girl skirts and thigh high stockings? Well then you need to see this video.


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