Nicole vs. Skylar 
Topless Ring Match

23 Min – 546 MB – High Definition

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Skylar Rene is a powerful brunette that has quickly gained a reputation for crushing opponents with brutal efficiency. She has a tough attitude and muscular thighs and buttocks. Today she is facing a newbie, Nicole Aria. Nicole is adorable with her bubbly personality, pouty lips, and dirty blonde hair. She has on a bright pink bikini, white panty hose, and black high heels. Skylar scoffs at the prospect of facing such an easy opponent, but crushing the dreams of these young fighters is kind of her job, so she gets to work. The bell rings and Nicole cautiously walks forward. Skylar grabs Nicole and spins her around, grabbing her in a reverse bear hug. She picks the young girl up off the ground and then drops her down to her knees. From behind, Skylar starts grabbing at Nicole’s pretty tits. She pulls the pink top away revealing full breasts with tiny hard nipples. Skylar throws Nicole onto her back and sits on her face with that big powerful ass. Nicole is about to pass out when she reaches up and grabs Skylar by the tits, ripping her top off and pulling her down to the mat. Nicole seizes the opportunity and sits on Skylar’s face. Could this be the fall of Skylar Rene? Could this adorable newbie exact revenge for all of the past victims? You are going to have to watch to find out.


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