Randy  vs. Lora 
Topless Ring Wrestling Match

22 Min – 536 MB – High Definition

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Randy Moore is not ready for Lora Cross but then nobody is ready for this little dynamo.  Randy tells Lora she won’t wrestle her because Lora is a newbie and not worth her effort – Lora begs, literally on her knees and takes off her top.  Begging is almost enough but body worship is also required, worshiping this amazing body is a joy, finally Randy agrees to the fight.  Lora puts her arms over the corner ropes and tells Randy to slug her gut at will, Randy wails on those rock hard abs, both left and rights, even ax handle blows – all to no avail.  Now it’s Lora’s turn and Randy is really not ready for these blows, her six pack seems more for show, so Lora takes over, but first she takes Randy’s top off.  Take over is putting it mild, she even picks Randy up and slings her over her shoulders, you got to see this.  So many great holds and lifts, Randy’s amazing body is stretched every way possible, but Randy has her turn — will she have enough energy to make a come back, watch and see.  This one is not just loads of fun but incredible — these two amazing bodies clash – a clash you have got to see !!!!!!


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