Erika vs. Capri

Topless Match

21 Min – 510 MB – High Definition

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Erika Jordan claims that Capri Cavanni has been sleeping with the judges and that’s why she keeps winning by decision. So today we are having the audience decide who wins the match. Erika and Capri look deep into the camera and remind you how much they love you and deserve to win today. The bell rings and these bikini clad babes lock up in a test of strength. Capri drops Erika to the mat, but they keep their fingers intertwined as Erika puts Capri in a body scissors. Erika removes Capri’s red top and uses it to choke her, making those big perky tits jiggle. Capri takes Erika’s top off so that they are both now fighting in only their black bikini bottoms. Erika seems to be delivering most of the damage, but that doesn’t stop Capri from taking time to talk to the camera and remind you that you should vote for her as the winner of this match. The match ends with both girls struggling in a test of strength and their big round tits bouncing all over the place. The camera man stops the action and tells the girls that we will need to wait for all of the votes to come in before we have a clear winner. Capri and Erika make one more plea to you for your vote as they squeeze their tits together for your viewing pleasure. Who are you going to vote for?


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