Serene vs. Randy

Bikini Boxing Bout

21 Min – 502 MB – High Definition

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We do love our boxing!  Today we are blessed with two beautiful boxing blondes: Serene Siren vs. Randy Moore.  They are fighting for a chance to fight the champion, Erika – Serene is the #1 rated challenger and  Randy rated #8.  Both babes are eager to get it on and start banging as soon as the bell rings, each snaps her foe’s head back with hard slugs and in the corner they work over those tight abs, till finally Randy takes over and hits Serene so hard she bounces off the ropes several times, then corners her and pounds on her sexy body till she staggers but is saved by the bell.  A drink and a cool sponge have Serene renewed and the next round shows her back in the fight, it’s pretty even but eventually Serene throws some bombs that have Randy’s long mane flying and then pounds her gut and one good one on her tender chest has her reeling but saved by the bell.  This bout goes back and forth with lots of head shattering blows and corner action with close up of those rib breaking hits.  It’s all classic boxing with two beauties that really know their way around the ring.  We do love our boxing and these two blonde boxing beauties feed our fix !!!!!!


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