Alexia vs. Kimora

Topless Domination Match

31 Min – 755 MB – High Definition

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Alexia Anders is getting a divorce, or at least her husband is trying to divorce her. That may sound crazy that a man would be willing to leave such a beautiful petite Asian, but Kimora Quin is the lady that he is leaving her for and Kimora is a tall, tight bodied Amazonian Asian. Alexia doesn’t want to lose her rich husband and refuses to sign the divorce papers. That’s why the lucky guy in question sends Kimora to force Alexia to sign the papers and crush her if she refuses. Kimora barges into Alexia’s living room and throws the papers at the smaller, stubborn young lady. Kimora pulls Alexia’s top off and proceeds to sit on every inch of Alexia’s tiny, thin frame. Kimora seems a little jealous of how hot Alexia’s tits are so she peels her own top off to show how great her own breasts are. Kimora body scissors Alexia with her long, powerful legs as she holds Alexia’s dainty feet in the air and forces her to spread her toes for the camera. If you are in the mood to watch two absolutely gorgeous Asian ladies get topless while the taller one squeezes the brains out of the smaller one, then this is definitely the video for you.


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