Tylene vs. Celeste

Topless Ring Wrestling Match

20 Min – 497 MB – High Definition

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Celeste Star and Tylene Buck  – two of DTs classic warriors and both want to show off both their strength and knowledge.  We see this when they begin with an incredible test of strength, both ladies put their opponent to the canvas and each uses her strength to reverse, it’s a long struggle that typifies this whole battle.  Battering clothes lines, air restricting bearhugs, kicks, chokes, holds of all kinds and those blows – they smack those guts so hard the tops come off.  Now our topless warriors really let go but which vet can win this amazing battle, is it the blonde or the brunette.  Will it be the scissor around the gut or the one around the neck that finishes, or will it be a choke wedgie combination that gives us a winner.  Both lades are beautiful veterans that have the strength to take it and the experience to give it — we can never go wrong putting these two in the ring together.  So get ready because classic warriors guarantee a CLASSIC MATCH !!!!!!


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