Serena vs Cali

Topless Ring Match

22 Min – 536 MB – High Definition


Serena Blair is staring at her tits in the DT changing room mirror. “I really do have great tits. You can’t beat natural tits.” she says to herself. While she may have been talking to herself, Cali Logan couldn’t help but hear her. Cali stands behind Serena, she is also topless and quickly takes offense to Serena’s thoughtless comment. “My tits are better than yours and I sure as hell can beat your tits.” Cali gets right up in Serena’s face and before you know it, the ladies are meeting with a test of strength in the DT ring. They smash their perky breasts together over and over again until Cali releases Serena’s hands and locks her up in a bear hug. Their boobs press together until they are about to pop. Serena screams out in agony and Cali flips her around to maul her pretty, natural breasts. Serena breaks away and knocks Cali to the mat. She mounts her and drops her perky tits on Cali’s face. Cali fights for her breath as Serena scratches Cali’s plump tits. The loser of this fight is forced to worship the winner’s tits and eventually get knocked out by them. This is a sexy video you aren’t going to want to miss.


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