Randy vs Kianna

Topless Breast Match

19 Min – 450 MB – High Definition


Randy Moore is a tough fighter with a tight, muscular body. She isn’t afraid of anybody, but she has heard rumors that today’s opponent has two of the largest weapons in all of the DT universe. Kianna Dior enters the ring and her giant breasts sway side to side like they have a mind of their own. Randy is awe-struck. She removes her own top, showing off her perfectly perky tits and quickly jumps on Kianna. She pulls Kianna’s top off. Randy can’t stay away from those humongous tits; it’s like they have their own gravitational field. Randy drops Kianna to the mat and sits on her face. However, she keeps reaching back to play with Kianna’s breasts. This gives Kianna the perfect opportunity to send a powerful right fist up into Randy’s jaw. Randy goes flat, allowing Kianna to climb on top of her and drop those big naturals right on Randy’s beautiful face. Randy can’t fight the power in Kianna’s rack and eventually succumbs, giving the first round to Kianna. However, there are many more rounds to go in this match. Can Randy overcome the greatest power on the DT roster or will Kianna’s breasts prove once again to be unmatched?


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