Match 1 -Lift and carry, lift and carry, they go together like a horse and carriage – yes they do and we have two fabulous beauties having so much fun as they practice the ultimate pick up; Angela Sommers and Idelsy Love are working on their lift and carry. The larger shapely Angela cradles the smaller Idelsy as she swings her around the ring, they laugh as they both enjoy the experience, Angela enjoys showing her power and the petit brunette so enjoys being dominated in all carry positions, and there are a lot of fabulous carries: over the shoulder, on the back, bear hugs, cradles, fireman’s carry, everything they can think of – the beautiful blonde picks up the gorgeous brunette and whisks her around the ring in so many fun ways. So if you want to see two fabulous beauties enjoying the lift and carry experience than this is the one, sit back and smile with the beauties because lift and carry goes together like… !!!!

Match 2 -FINALLY, another of those extravaganzas, another of those amazing multi girl Bat Girl movies with: Black Mask (Afrika), Harley Quinn(Melissa Jacobs), Catwoman (Akira Lane), Calamity Jane (Karlie Montana) and of course non other than Cali Logan as the amazing Bat Girl – the author of this amazing movie out did himself as this one has everything and I do mean everything! Poison darts make our purple heroine ask to be groped and fondled and soon finds herself at the ring where Black Mask tells her that all her enemies have been summoned to torture her till they get what they want, soon all four villains arrive and the destruction begins and what destruction it is; tied by Calamity, slammed in the head with a frying pan, coked and drenched, and that’s only day one. With each new day more bizarre destruction mounts, day two has her spread eagle tied and then all three commence kicking and stomping, nose hooked and reined, cross arm choked as Black Mask slugs her, wrapped in cellophane, many killer holds like a three girl match book, ridden like a pony, spun on a crazy spinning machine and finally knocked on the head with a bottle that breaks all over her – another day done. On and on it goes with sledge hammers, more bottles on the head, tons of savage holds, they strip her and put the Bat babe in so many tortuous holds and lifts; we especially love the fishnet outfit, so so sexy and revealing. Day after day, hold after hold, how can the Bat Girl hold out – this is too much for anyone, what is that, a cinder block, no, no they can’t…… !!!!!!! This is the one, five hot babes and over thirty-seven minutes of non stop action, WOWEEEEE !!!!!!

Match 3 -Oh boy, this is a classic! A super heroine in a super sexy costume, always the best outfits in this series and this one is no exception. JC Marie is decked out in he red sexy super outfit and is taking on Evil Monster with his slashing claws. It’s a hard fought battle, very even till JC wraps her gorgeous legs around his ugly head, squeezing with those powerful gams she finally destroys him, he is finished and she does her victory pose over his lifeless body, damn, is she sexy in that short skirt, red boots, her long blond hair flows as she flexes her arms in a victory pose over his lifeless body. She leaves the ring but soon hears the words she will never forget, EVIL NEVER DIES – that’s right, he is back and with a vengeance, he can’t be killed. Now it’s his turn for destruction as he uses his long sharp claws to savage her body – little by little her beautiful costume is ripped to shreds as he slashes through to her perfect skin… he rips into her flesh: stomach, back, butt and breasts all fall prey to his cutting claws – the blood flows as she desperately tries to revive her energy. She does and gives rise to a heroic return, there may be almost nothing left of her costume but her power has returned and she mounts a savage attack with powerful slugs and kicks knocking him all around the ring, ending with a suffocating choke hold… EVIL NEVER DIES – she finds this out the hard way. The ferocious destruction continues, the claws dig in deeper as more blood flows, her gorgeous body is stained red from the life giving liquid that flows from her clawed skin, but how sexy she is as she strives to continue with her costume and body clawed to shreds. Be warned, it’s bloody, even spitting up blood – over thirty minutes of savage action brought to you as a Halloween special for the ages !!!!!!


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