Cassie Del Isla vs. Celeste

Topless Ring Wrestling

20 Min – 488 MB – High Definition


When you have two of the best – you get the best, Cassie Del Isla and Celeste Star are two of the best. Celeste is from the past, she fought them all and was one of the best – Cassie is new but has proven herself to be one of the great ones, so getting these two together makes great wrestling entertainment sense. Lots of tough talk then finally they join hands for a sustained test of strength where our veteran finds this newbe is for real but Celeste uses her skill to maneuver into a great scissors and choke, wild Cassie gets out and applies an extreme school girl pin and choke but again we have an escape. Both ladies punish then get punished, back and forth with such great wrestling – you will be enthralled and impressed. The tops are ripped off and breasts are banged together, then back to the wrestling as each strives to prove she is the best – in the corners and on the mat these beauties show off their skill with holds and escapes but will it be the veteran or this new grappler. A victory is hard fought but finally a choke has one with her hand raised and the other spread out on the canvas. Two of the best and you get the best !!!!!!


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