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Serena Blair is as mean as she is cute and that’s saying a lot because she is really cute, she knows she needs all her meanness today because she is taking on the one and only Hollywood. Our youngster surprises the veteran with a low blow that puTs her in control and on her road to destroy this legend and oh does she love it as she knees her in the gut, then camel clutch, scissors and a few more to soften the big blonde up. But this is Hollywood and she will always come back and when she does she plans on making this cute waif pay for all she has done with all her own amazing holds and even some great foot suffocation and choking as those shoes finally come off. It’s always fun to watch a veteran against a spunky youngster and that is just what we have here, two sexy ladies that both love to fight and neither likes to lose, that is the tall and short of it and I mean that literally. This is some great wrestling, the holds and chokes are extreme and so is the humiliation that is in store for the loser – she has to wear that shoe on her face, ouch !!!!!!

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