Star 9 vs Alix Lynx


Time/Size: 25 min / 587 MB

We open on an interview between Star 9 and Alix Lynx and both of these ladies are going at each other, no loved lost here, so mean are these ladies that when it comes to rules – well they want no rules, a real street fight so they can damage each other. When they meet in the ring the next day we are blessed with some real sexy outfits, never have Alix’s breasts popped out so much in her striking orange top and never have Star’s legs looked so long as in her black nylons. Each lady gets in her destruction with savage hair pulling, leg scissors around both waist and head, kicks to head and gut and of course killer head slugs – yes you get it all in this wild battle. Both of these babes love to use their sexy lean legs to cause grave damage that even causes some blood flow – nothing like a kick to the head to let one lady finally take control and finish off her foe. Then of course comes the degradation with some serious literal ass kissing – wild kick ass fight !!!!

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