Akira vs Darcie


Time/Size: 18 min / 452 MB

Akira Lane is looking fierce and beautiful in her silk kimono. She is introduced and walks to the center of the ring. With a flick of her wrist, her kimono falls to the floor revealing Akira’s topless form. Next, Darcie Dolce is called to the center of the ring. Smiling, she also removes her robe. Darcie is wearing nothing except a tiny thong bikini. Her large natural breasts stand to attention for the camera. She massages her breasts as the bell rings and Akira sneaks up behind her. With a hard punch to the back of the head, Akira rings Darcie’s bell. Darcie drops to the mat. Akira begins punching and squeezing Darcie’s prized possessions, her breasts. A giant bear hug squashes both fighter’s tits together and leaves Darcie passed out in the center of the ring. Akira leaves the ring with the haughty look of a winner. Months later, Akira is lounging around her apartment when Darcie surprise attacks Akira with a sleeper hold. Darcie then ties the hands of her passed out opponent. What follows is sheer revenge for a one sided loss. Darcie milks every minute of retaliation. You are going to love watching Darcie press Akira’s big boobs against the glass of a coffee table. Buckle up for one hell of a big breasted ride.

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