Cherie vs Ivy


Time/Size: 23 min / 586 MB

Big bulbous beautiful butts, oh and do these ladies have them; Ivy Sherwood and Cherie Deville have asses that are true assets and they are both showing them off to begin this match – they shake their behinds and we get a good look at these marvels. Hell, they take it one step further and use their beautiful butts as weapons, that’s right this is a true butt match with some of the most creative face sits ever and so many by each girl – they sink those fleshy ass checks deep into those gorgeous faces, the crack captures the nose and the mouth is covered making breathing barely possible. From body scissors to rear face sit, form grape vine to front face sit, against the ropes the face is slammed, sitting on the ropes with the face underneath as a pillow, butt dangling over the outside of the ropes over the face, face smashed in the corner, upside down in the corner over face and so many more you can’t even imagine. Since we first shot this months ago people have been asking for this one, well here its is and trust me you won’t be disappointed —never have such beautiful faces been covered by such beautiful butts – big bulbous beautiful butts as weapons – what a way to go !!!!!

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