Emma Rosie vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apt. and Ring Catfight Match

DT-1711HD/Time: 19 Minutes / 443 MB

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Emma Rosie is a sparkling new gem, she is taking over for the petit Odette Delacroix – yes this is a new small blonde that is so much fun to watch. In her pig tails, short school girl skirt and high stockings she stands in front of Erika Jordan, the head mistress as Erika tells her she is throwing her out of the school because she is low class and doesn’t belong. Poor beautiful Emma complains but Erika says there is only one way she can stay and that’s to beat Erika in a match, so it’s off to the ring we go. In the ring the larger Erika smacks her down, a surprised Emma lies with her short skirt now up to her waist and her nipples jutting through the tight t-shirt, our poor little waif doesn’t know what to do as this mean woman proceeds to pound on her. Erika so loves being the destroyer as she smacks the little one all around the ring, then to add insult to injury she strips her naked, except for those cute stockings and to make it complete Erika strips herself naked, she so loves showing off her amazing figure. Naked she batters the little one with great views from outside the ring and the bottom as she straddles. But do not think this is over – not by a long shot as some big surprises are in the making. Also some fabulous butt play as back in the office we go. Emma is a fabulous new addition, and as you have noticed in our other offering this week we have another amazing new talent: Sarah Taylor. Wow are these two fabulous — this is why DT is the ultimate in female combat !!!!!!