Vivian Fox vs. Celeste Star

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1722HD/Time: 29 Minutes / 686 MB

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Vivian Fox is the foxiest of wrestling babes and in her sheer black one piece that reveals all of that foxy body she waits for the one and only, Celeste Star. Celeste’s beauty is only matched by her temper so when Viv tells her she’s been fucking her boyfriend, Celeste sees red and bounds in the ring where Vivian has a surprise waiting, a surprise between her legs that has Celeste on the canvas. She isn’t there for long, soon Vivian throws her to the corner where she spreads her legs wide on the ropes and proceeds to shatter her sexual dreams with hard kicks and this is just the beginning of the pussy blasting as Viv finds all kinds of positions that work great for between the leg attacks and of course she adds in some breast abuse and a great face sit. Celeste has been wrestling for quite awhile and for good reason – she finds her way back in the fray, now it’s her turn — here kitty kitty. Celeste wants to show Vivian how a veteran works payback on that feminine center. Those sweet tits get pulled to the extreme and as for positions of destruction, well Vivian can bend in so many amazingly destructible poses and Celeste feasts on all of them. The Fox and the Star are here to entertain, so sit back and enjoy !!!!!!