FRESH FACES – Sara vs Erika Part 1 of 3


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HQ DOWNLOADABLE NUDE MATCH Part 2 and 3 are in EP-023-02

Time: 23 Minutes / 465 MB

Sara Jay, this big busted babe has been in the business for a long time and has so many followers that we were amazed we had never had her in but thanks to a customer that wanted a kissing sex fight between her and Erika Jordan we have her now and if you haven’t seen this lady now is the time. She has some of the best breasts in the business and she so loves to show them off. This is a three part match, this first part is for Fresh Faces so we can introduce her to you and the other two are going up as epics. Each segment is filled with fabulous fighting that always goes back to some deep kissing and of course lots of boob action and all of them are very diverse. This one features the girls meeting each other and soon ripping their clothes off and we are treated to two very diverse figures, Sara Jay with her massive breasts and bountiful butt and Erika with her slim tight body. Once they have ripped the clothes off they have some deep kissing, tongues go deep as they slam them down each others throats, then we’er off to the naked ladies rolling and planting their breasts on each other. Pull that hair, suck on those big breasts as we witness this wild sex fight, they go from turned on to fight one. Then those beautiful butts start banging as on all fours they smash asses, this is where the first of the epics picks up. So get ready to meet a legend, with a classic Rubenesque body full of curves and bountiful bouncy proportions. She is a one of a kind – the one and only; SARA JAY !!!!!


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