SPEACIAL FANTASIES – Tara Morgan vs Celeste Star


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Celeste Star vs Tara Morgan


Time: 24 Minutes/ 570 MB

Celeste Star and Tara Morgan are about to have one strange fight. This is an arm fight, who can take the arm torture, who can have their arm hairs pulled out, oh the pain. Great arm holds and all for torture, they even use cloths pins to pinch the skin and see who can take the agony. Remember Indian burns, where hands twist the skin in alternate directions and the pain really does burn. Bend and twist those arms so you can get a good vantage on more arm hair, then pull and tweak. Beautiful Celeste moans and groans as her arm bends and burns and sexy Tara almost seems to enjoy the torment. Sexy ladies testing themselves in this specific way – arms are beautiful and very sexy and this is the ultimate in an arm match. So sexy watching their sweet faces as they try to endure the suffering of their thin sleek arms – ultimate in an arm match !!!!

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