Ariel X and Christine Dupree

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Sex Contest

SF-045aHD  / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 722

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Kissing, kissing and more kissing and not just kissing lips and tongues but lots of kissing and sucking of breasts and nipples.  And these aren’t just regular kisses, noooo these are super, sloppy, slurpy kisses.  Ariel X is very angry when she finds out Christine Dupree is planing on marrying another woman and doing it at the lesbian strip club, Ariel plans on staying queen at the club but Christne challenges her to a kissing contest.  They start with regular kisses, then deeper and deeper they go, the lips get wet as the tongues go crazy, a little drool slips from the corner of the mouth, more drool now travels from lips then slowly drops down their cheeks and to their breasts.  Slivers of drool turn into rivers as so much drool the breasts are soaked, tits shine as each girl gets her breasts kissed and sucked, their nipples licked and tongued till they are soaked and firm as rocks.  Soaked and glistening their chests are smashed and squished then back to sucking.  No wrestling but if you like hot kissing and extreme focus on breasts with lots of close ups of rigid nipples and wet mounds of soft chest flesh, then you will love this one !!!!!!


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